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Dancing In The Street

I didn’t understand what all of the commotion was until I got closer.

Hundreds of people were on the narrow street, spilling out into the traffic and blocking the vendors selling ‘kebabs! Kebabs!’ and mint tea late into the night.

I was just looking for food, peckish after my day of exploring temples of Luxor, and thought I would take a short walk from my hostel to see what I could get. I fancied hummus, or maybe ful medames, served with generous helpings of pickled vegetables and pitta bread. I thought I might pick up a pastry too, as I had the previous day.

What I found instead was a wedding, the bride and groom elaborately dressed and dancing with beautiful abandon. Dancing together with as many sparkles in their eyes as on her dress, smiling just for each other as they twisted and twirled, the audience clapping and laughing and joyous as they gazed and cheered.

I hope I can have that with you one day.


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