Driven by Passion

I know it’s not the most romantic of things to say that the meme of those dogs driving a car to Charlie XCX’s Vroom Vroom reminds me of you, but it does.

The caption itself is what kills it for me: ‘*school starts at 8.40* me at 9.26,’ cue dogs skidding in the snow from driving too fast. That whole meme is you every, single, morning. Whether your ass is late for work or late in picking me up for a lunch date, without fail you are delayed, driving calmly but with panic running through your blood.

You’d state there are exceptions though, and I’d grudgingly have to agree. Exceptions when you’re on time, early even. Times when you’re too early and I’m still in my dressing gown, hair un-styled and contour half done, a cup of tea and the TV on as I decide what to wear to see you. You’re always early those times we spend the whole day together, and although I complain because now I’m the bitch running too late, you just shrug your shoulders when I do, knowing that I love you even more for making an effort.

Driven by passion: the nickname you’ve given for those early mornings when I leave with my hair still frazzled and my lippie horribly patchy. Driven by passion in that you were so quick to get to me, and as such I’m always so quick to slide into your arms for a kiss and a cuddle, loving that I get extra time with you.

I’m smiling as I write this, happy and reflective from the wonderful memories you’ve given me, but I wish you could drive here by passion, all the way to Indonesia. I wish it was as easy as it used to be to see you, but it’s not, and that was my choice, even if it was hard to say ‘see you soon.’ I miss my cheeks being kissed by you, your chin on my hair, eating together, going to parks, driving around… I miss holding your hand and being beside you physically, and I know I’ll miss it until we’re together again next year, where I plan on running into your arms and being whirled around by you, á la Hollywood style, as soon as you see me in the arrivals hall, suitcases forgotten.

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