I’m Going To Be A Fitness Instructor!

This… has surprisingly worked out well. I’ve got a new desk, I’ve got a coconut coffee, and I’ve just taken the plunge and purchased the ACE Group Fitness Instructor pack.

Holy shit, I’ve done it. Or rather, I’m doing it.

After a year of contemplating it, forgetting about it, coming close to enrolling in it and then going travelling long-term and putting it on hold, I have now made getting this certification a priority.

A priority because I made myself a promise that I would find a career path upon my return to London, and because I now finally feel ready to dedicate my time and money to something which has been in the back of my mind, glittering away, for a while.

There’s a multitude of reasons as to why, but in essence, I want to give others the same endorphin I-love-this rush I get when I take part in a good class. I want to get pumped whilst others get pumped. I want us all to reach our fitness goals whether they be improving strength, flexibility, endurance or even just getting off of the sofa after a good binge-watching session. I want to see people smiling through the sweat. I want people to be happy, because I know exercise makes me happy.

But first I need to get certified, and according to the ACE (American Council on Exercise) website, this should take me around four to sixth months depending on my studying speed. I do have a full-time job and a decent social life however, so once I complete and (hopefully!) pass the exam and obligatory CPR training at the end, I should be qualified to encourage others to kick ass in April 2018. Hurrah!

Nonetheless, until then I’ll be tracking my progress, reviewing fitness classes, trying challenges and sampling vegan goodies, all in the name of getting that glow so I can aid others in having it too.

Wish me luck!


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