OMG I’m Going To The Middle East!

I’m going to the Middle East in three weeks! *Dances around.*

Even though it’s going to be the most budget-driven long-term trip I’ve ever been on (if you can even really have a budget in this region – it’s certainly no India or Thailand), I’m super damn excited, and especially looking forward to the FOOD, FOOD, FOOD and FOOD!

And also the art.

And fashion.

And history.

And sites.

Anything and everything. I want it all.

I’ve got a loose plan in place: Lebanon for the first week, Jordan for six weeks and Egypt (and who knows elsewhere) for a month thereafter before I head back to the UK.

I’m taking a break from my job (luckily, being a supply teaching assistant allows me to do this), and although I have that nervous excitement I tend to briefly get before I travel anywhere solo, there’s a bigger part of me that just wants to run around and say, ‘yes! I’m going back on the road again! Finally!’ I’m so damn grateful for these experiences, honestly, even I sometimes can’t believe it.

Having very little suitable for piping hot countries, I’ve already started my clothes shopping for the trip, and although I haven’t yet booked any hostels and currently have no idea where I’ll be staying my first night, I have at least booked my flight leaving England and a free walking tour of Beirut, so I would say I’m doing pretty well in the organisation department ;).

But bloody hell, could I scream with excitement because if it all checks out, I’ll be eating falafel in Lebanon, experiencing Ramadan in Jordan and viewing the pyramids in Egypt at the very least. OMG, this could be a dream.


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