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The Cow That Came For Her Midday Lunch

I was shopping for healing crystals in Pushkar’s main street when it happened.

‘Excuse me,’ the shopkeeper said, standing up, ‘I just have to see to something.’ Grabbing a plastic bag tucked underneath the counter, he strolled outside and crouched at the entrance of the door, watching.

A second later, a cow paused beside him before trundling off down the road.

‘Everything okay?’ I asked as he sat back down opposite me, displaying more crystals aimed at improving strength, health and more.

‘Oh yes,’ he drawled. ‘That’s just my cow. Everyday she comes by at 12pm for her lunch.’

I was fascinated.

‘What’s her lunch!?’ I enquire enthusiastically.

‘A chapatti. One chapatti for her and one for me.’

‘Really!?’ I’m flabbergasted and impressed, loving this whole exchange – a cow for a pet!

‘Yes,’ he smiles. ‘She never misses a day. We always have lunch together.’

I smile back, joy building as I look outside in the hopes of catching a glimpse of her again. I don’t, but I do buy five crystals to take home instead.


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