I Miss You Most In The Evenings

I would say it’s the evenings I miss you most.

Because it’s the evenings where I think of us cuddled up, on the sofa or on the bed, my head on your chest, your arms wrapped around me, keeping me safe.

You always protect me. When I asked you, ‘why do you always sleep on the side closest to the door?’ and you shrugged, replied simply, ‘in case an intruder comes in – I’ll be the one they see first,’ I fell in love with you that bit more.

Whether it’s us whispering secrets under the blanket of darkness, or eating Thai and watching Dave Chappelle, evenings have always been special.

But then so have the nights, and the mornings, and the afternoons: the times where we’ve gone to sleep with the moonlight on us, had brunch and gone to bookshops. The times where we’ve walked in parks, had coffee, the times where we’ve tried to go to the farm, or to the theatre, or to a museum, but didn’t, because we wanted to be at home with only each other.

I would say it’s the evenings I miss you most, but it’s not true. Because I miss and love you always.


  • Rana

    Well ! Under the blanket of darkness and thai food combination was where I had to laugh. I did not really get it though, the true identity of the person you loved and missed is still unknown. 🤪

  • Rana

    Then he ain’t “special” 🤓 I just read your posts you were in the middle east. Looks like I missed a chance to see ya. I hope the “special one” wouldn’t have mind if could happen. 🤭

  • Jessica

    So much passion, such powerful words, if you hadn’t gone travelling is it about not being able to see them everyday or someone you lost?

  • Jessica

    That`s really interesting, so someone current that you are going out with but cant see everyday because of lifestyle or something? The worlds a funny place, you ever thought about poetry?

  • Jessica

    You could make this into a story! Looking at comments so many of us are captivated by it, so you didnt lose someone but perhaps in another way you lost them along the way in life?

    • Francesca

      Haha, maybe I will in the future! It’s definitely something I would like to expand upon, certainly. And yep, it’s all up to your interpretation of it. 🙂

  • Jessica

    OMG I see it now, you are talking about more than one person they’re right and you’ve mixed it somehow into one. Some past tense is visible and well its even more wow third time around. Keep writing!

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