Touring The Grand Canyon

I used to be obsessed with Robert Pattinson when I was a teenager. Literally OBSESSED!

I had his posters on the wall beside my bed which I would kiss goodnight to, I used to fangirl scream whenever his name was mentioned, I would rip film advertisements off of phone boxes with my friends to keep them, and I used to have fierce arguments discussions with people who dared to admit that they were ‘Team Jacob’ or ‘Team Taylor’ to me. I even think I read some Fanfiction dedicated to him and his insanely smouldering, sexy, troubled character of Edward Cullen, which was why I probably (although unbeknownst to me at the time) became quickly infatuated with the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.*

But although my love for Robert has dimmed – even I can now confess that Taylor Lautner is indeed fucking hot – I still have a soft spot for Arizona in the US because that’s where Stephanie Meyer, Twilight’s author, and Bella, her chief protagonist, grew up. Now, tenuous link here, but tickle me happily surprised when I discovered that the Grand Canyon is actually in Arizona and not in Nevada, where I was in Las Vegas for the week for my Dad’s wedding. So hell yeah, I got myself to Arizona just days after saying I wanted to go after we touched down in Vegas.

A 3.30am wake-up call with 30 minutes to brush our teeth and slap on some make-up to look presentable at this ridiculously early hour, by 6am me, my family and my mate were at Boulder City (sounds right hard-core) airport for our flight to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.

In a nutshell… the Grand Canyon National Park is stunning. From our 11 seater plane, you could see an aerial view of Hoover Dam, the majestic, winding cliffs and boulders that remind me of the film 127 Hours on a bad day, and that gorgeous reddish hue synonymous with the canyon. When we landed and went to some viewing points, I genuinely felt …happy. Breathing in the fresh air as my friend and I looked out over nature, a warm soy mocha in my grip, I felt calm and peaceful, and neither of us could stop saying to the other ‘I can’t believe we’re actually here.’ It’s just so far away from life in London, and so vastly different to Las Vegas, that it was like being in another world.

We stayed for three hours in total, during which time we drove to other viewing points, did some light trekking and looked for fossils, all the while worried I would tumble down a cliff and have to chop my arm off whilst chasing after my brothers who played precariously close to the edge. My only drawback, if this can even be considered a drawback, is that our time was too short. Ideally, and hopefully in the future, I would like to return and spend three days there, trekking and exploring, perhaps even organising a walking tour, just to see more and breathe more of this beautiful place.


*For those who didn’t know, 50 Shades of Grey was originally written as a Fanfiction based on the Twilight novels.


  • NunziaDreams

    I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon before, wow it looks gorgeous!! You took some lovely photos 🙂 Also, I definitely had a Twilight phase too, so I totally get it. I was more of a Jacob girl myself lol!! Oh, the memories haha

    • afemaleflaneur

      Thank you hon! My mate told me today that it’s been 10 years since the first film came out! 😱 might have to go relive some memories, ha. Thanks for the comment ❤️

  • Seductive Darkness

    I’ve lived in vegas or arizona my whole life and the desert landscape definitely appeals to a certain type of eye, but if you come to appreciate it, it’s quite majestic! (As for the twilight stuff I’ll take your word for it 😁)

  • wanderlustonashoestring2018

    Love this blog! I fell in love with your about page actually, gonna keep a close look on your artcicles 🙂
    I’m actually planning on visiting the Grand Canyon in September, I can’t wait! If you’re looking to organize a trip to South America, feel free to head to my blog, I’ve been living in Argentina and Chile as part of my year abroad and would love to help with any questions 🙂 What’s your next destination? xx

    • Francesca

      Aw! Thank you so much for the lovely comment ❤️ ah, it’s amazing! You’ll love it! Hopefully you’ll have time to go on some hikes and maybe spend the night? I only had a few hours and it certainly wasn’t enough. Oh, wonderful, how is it living out there?? Or is that a question that requires quite a long answer? Haha. Yess, I’m hoping to go to South America in the next two years, how long will you be out there? And at the moment, I’m in Jordan – doing just under three months in the Middle East 🙂 x

      • wanderlustonashoestring2018

        You’re very welcome, it’s important to let people know when you have a nice thought in my opinion 🙂
        My plans are still vague for GC, it should be part of a longer road trip, but I’m definitely hoping to spend at least a day!
        Living here… requires a long answer but overall, it’s amazing and I feel really lucky I had the chance to so young despite it being challenging at times! I’m staying in the area until September so not long to go now.. I’ve never been to Jordan, I’ll look out for your articles to inspire me for sure! 😉 x

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